The Bearded Iris

A Recalcitrant Wife and Mother Tells All

Hello world!

Why “Bearded Iris,” you ask?  Oh, so many reasons, so many meanings.  

First and foremost, my name is Iris.  So there you have it.  Sort of a no brainer there.  I am a writer and a mother and a wife, not necessarily in that order, depending on when you ask.  

But what’s with the beard?  Well, it’s kinda funny.  The word bearded can mean several things: having a beard or hairlike growth, or having a sharp barb as on a fishhook.  Interesting, right?  As a verb, bearded can mean to confront boldly or to oppose to the gills, as in “I bearded that bitch in carpool yesterday!”  Wow!  So in theory, this might be a blog that hooks the reader in with its sharp wit and clever ideas!  It might be a blog that goes where no blog has gone before.  It might even inspire you to start bearding those people in your life who deserve it most…I’m thinking mouthy kids, oppressive husbands, disapproving parents, random PTA members, the potential is limitless.   Yeah, that’s good.  Good stuff. 

So yes, The Bearded Iris Blog might be all that and more someday.  Kinehora!  But I gotta level with you.  I actually have a little bit of a facial hair problem.  What can I say.  I have three kids.  Birthin’ all those babies really fucks with your hormones.  So on top of all this rage and angst and wit, I also have a little bit of a beard.  That’s me.  I’m Bearded Iris.  Welcome to my blog!

Bearded Lady image copyright by Michelle Knowlen, 2008

One comment on “Hello world!

  1. alantru
    March 29, 2009

    Does your beard tickle your husband when you kiss him…?

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