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Hey, I’m moving!

The other day I emailed one of my blogging peers who was relatively new on the scene to ask how in the world she had her own domain on the World Wide Web. That’s huge! Like Pioneer Woman huge. I was in awe.

She said something like, “Oh, my husband’s an IT guy.”

Lucky bitch, said I.

My husband’s not an IT guy. Unless “IT” stands for Italian Thorobred, then yeah, I guess he is. But long story short, the closest thing I have to an in-house IT professional is my 11 year old son, Nature Boy, who does all my photo editing and video recording.

I actually have owned my own domain for about three years, but just never figured out what to do next to “self-host” my blog and subsequently “be the master of my own domain.” That’s like buying a car and never learning to drive. Dumb.

But lo and behold, about two weeks ago an incredible thing happened. The very same day Ike had the run in with the UPS Lady, my new blogging friend with the IT love-slave offered to share her man with me, and get this… fo’ free.

So now I too have an IT guy, fiddle-lee-dee!

And he is awesome. AWESOME, I tells ya.

He has dedicated countless hours at this point to help me transfer my shiz and set up my own domain, email, and blogity things like widgets and spam filters. He even taught me how to backup my stuff, which I had not been doing before (yikes!).

And the patience required to work with a technotard like me? This guy is a Saint. I’m telling you, I literally ask questions like “What does this thingy do?” and “Can I change my domain to”

So special heartfelt thanks to my new brilliant IT guy and his generous wife for temporarily sharing him with me. The Universe and I never forget a random act of kindness.

Watch closely... this next part is important!

We’re almost done working the bugs out! There is one catch, however. If you are one of my current email subscribers, your subscription will not transfer. If you would like to continue receiving email notices about new posts, you will need to resubscribe once you get to my new blog (address posted below).

Why subscribe? Well I’ll tell you. If you are a subscriber, you and you alone will get to see the FIRST version of my newly published posts, in your very own email. This is special because most days after I hit the “publish” button, my conscious (or husband) kicks in and I quickly develop a severe case of writer’s remorse. I then typically go back and remove several colorful words, phrases, sometimes even paragraphs, and republish a more sanitized version of that post. Subscribers don’t receive the updated post in email, just the first, often more racy, edition. Just a special perk, from me to you. So please subscribe if you want the behind-the-scenes tour of a twisted, no-impulse-control, mind at work.

And now…

I would like to cordially invite you to start visiting me at my fancy new home:

(drum roll please…)

(Please go there. Now would be good.)

One comment on “Hey, I’m moving!

  1. The Bearded Iris
    April 14, 2011

    Oh PS, the comments for this post won’t transfer either, so if you’d like to comment (please do!), do it on the new site. Thank you, friends!

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